" "I have found myself spreading my hands out wide more and (X) running in to me and picking her up more often since.. Which is lovely!"

 "I really felt on a physical level a nice work out ... It made me happy! (x) loves activity and sport using her body ... I could see she really enjoyed the physical bits"

"Your class and the way you enable us to enjoy ourselves as a couple really helped us to bond in a way I had been searching for. We benefited on a physical level and bonding level due to its nature... It's made us closer again!"

"...I really loved the beginning of improvised exercise and allowing me to let inhibitions go..."

"I think it is actually really important for us, right now, to have a defined space in which we can play for an hour – a session with you and others gives us that space and freedom."

All the extracts here are taken from parents of children who attended the first ContaKids course in Exeter, June 2016.

"...having some focussed one on one time together has definitely made a difference.  Its so good just to hang out with her on an equal basis where i’m not being her mum, keeping an eye on the time and making sure we get to where we need to be, but a space where I am just her playmate and I have no other worries or an eye on jobs that need to be done."

"It totally makes sense as you are just using your physical senses to pay attention to what your child is doing, however, I definitely have more confidence and more willingness to get on with it when I am in room with others doing the same thing."

"You have a special talent with obviously body and movement but enabling people to feel free in your space to be and learn"

"But we have really enjoyed the sessions and have been able to incorporate the moves into our play at home. It's given us both more confidence and loads of giggles!"


"...It's great how the kids can just join in as and when they want as it means if there are bits we couldn't do (X) didn't mind as he could go off and play. I found things where easy to adapt to being pregnant or if not they change so fast it's ok. It's so much better than any exercise class I have been to before so relaxed, fun with no pressure. We can't wait for next week..."

"...a great session. Both my Little One and i had a fab time - it was not only alot of fun, but a really nice environment to spend a bit of quality one on one time. Oh, and an added bonus - we both slept like logs that night!"