Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring more than one child?

Yes... and be prepared for different challenges! ContaKids is ideally suited to couples comprised of 1 x adult and 1 x  2 - 5 year old child. If your situation / family does not fit this model but you'd still like to try, then do feel free to get in touch to ask for advice, or come to a taster class to find out if you can make it work. I have seen parents handle toddlers while pregnant, twins, two young children very well, all saying the class worked very well for them - but please do get in touch and we can think about it together. Adult participation is full, commited and focused, so it's important you both / all feel comfortable, able and have fun.

multi family price deals

1 parent + 2 children = 50% off second child's place

2 parents + 2 children = 20% off

My child is under 2. Can we come?

Within reason this is up to your discretion. The recommendation is 2 years - and the reason for this is that the children have to be able to be fairly competent physically and can take a certain amount of responsibility for themselves. Classes are physically challenging for younger participants, and it's better to wait until they're able to ready and able to enjoy it . Having said that, you know your child and I trust a parents judgement.

My child is older than 5/6. Can we come?

You are welcome if your child is over the recommended age - we have had 9 year olds come and absolutely love it. The recommendation is in place because many of the exercises are built around an assumption that the child and adult are proportionally of a size, weight and strength. If your child is light enough that you can still handle their weight and you would both enjoy the work we do, there is no strict upper age limit.

Do I need dance experience?
No, all you need is a sense of fun

I am a grandparent / relative / carer - can I take part?
Of course! It is very physical but our oldest adult was a wonderful lady in her 80's - and she loved it!

Why a course rather than drop in classes?

ContaKids regularly holds one off taster classes...Come along, they're great fun!
They are also somewhat somewhat limited... There are important reasons why we mainly run this as a course: 

  • The nature of the class requires some email contact and communication. Participants need to arrive with some understanding of our collective endeavours. Drop-in versions of ContaKids would negate this communication and so compromise the quality, philosophy and content of the class. Covering this content during the class every week would take time and would be quite boring for the kids to sit through adults chatting.

  • Taking a ContaKids course requires a level of commitment. People willing to invest in something will also gain a lot more from it.

  • Classes require a critical mass of participants. If numbers fluctuate significantly it will compromise the class itself - too many or too few participants can mean classes cancelled at the very last minute and disappointed children!

  • This class builds week to week. It builds confidence, motor skills, balance, strength, relationships and community. With familiarity, partners can take a real journey together - this is not possible to the same degree in a drop in class.

The reason we stick to courses is not so much to safeguard my situation as a teacher - on the contrary it is harder to market courses than drop-ins. ContaKids is very different from a 'wiggle and jump class', where anyone can join at any time. (Please note, this is said with the utmost respect to these type of classes - I go to these classes with my son and we love them!)

Other parent / child classes are cheaper. Why is this one more expensive?
This is a class for both adult and child, and you will both be challenged and have a lot of fun. One class is for 2 participants for 1 hour, and is very competitively priced and even much cheaper than other courses for adult and child, often where the adult only plays an observing or supporting role. This course Guidance is from a dancer with 17 years professional experience in movement, improvising and partnering - it's a specialised course.


Heads up! - Some of that hour is deliberately unstructured - that does not mean that you're paying for less. In the context of the highly guided work, unstructured time to explore movement, play and partnering is very valuable. In fact as the course goes on, people might find they have the tools to really discover movement and a partnership in the unstructured part of the class... and that ,when it happens, is the real gold - rather than learning and copying moves or routines.

I can't afford it but I'm VERY keen...are there concessions?

If you are very keen and your situation doesn't allow for this course, write to me or call me - lets work something out.

I can't make all the dates - can I have a discount?
Like most other comparable courses - No, I'm afraid not. This makes running a course very difficult and less fair to those coming every week.