Dance  move  FALL  run play  laugh  skip   roll  fly                     together 

Apologies, no courses are currently running.

The pandemic put a stop to all our courses in 2020, however we are hoping to restart classes as soon as we find a venue and time which allows for  safe practice.


"I have found myself spreading my hands out wide more and (X) running in to me and picking her up more often since.. Which is lovely! I really felt on a physical level a nice work out ... It made me happy! (x) loves activity and sport using her body ... I could see she really enjoyed the physical bits"

"We really love our ContaKids session, it is absolutely the best organised child activity we have done. I love seeing how happy she is during the session. I love how there is no pressure to make your child do things they don't want to and at other groups I have definitely felt the pressure to confirm. I feel confident to follow her lead and I don't worry about what everyone else is doing.  I really enjoy the relaxing bit at the end and feel you give just the right amount of guidance. 

I can't think of anything that could be improved except being closer to my house! "


“...a great session. Both my Little One and i had a fab time - it was not only alot of fun, but a really nice environment to spend a bit of quality one on one time. Oh, and an added bonus - we both slept like logs that night!"​

“We really enjoyed the session today. I found things where easy to adapt to being pregnant or if not they change so fast it's ok. It's so much better than any exercise class I have been to before so relaxed, fun with no pressure. We can't wait for next week”

"Thanks Ruth for playing so lovely. It’s truly fantastic."

All quotes from Mums of our Exeter Courses.